We all like more choices, so why do we commonly default to limiting ourselves when it comes to our own care? We don’t like having our time restricted (think of the four-hour window required for the cable guy to show up) so why do we tolerate limited schedules and availability when it comes to our hair stylists? Why isn’t there something like trUe’s team concept at every salon?

trUe's team conceptThat’s what we wondered when we first opened our trUe Salon and Color Cafe salons more than 20 years ago. If our stylists received the same high level of training in technique, trends, styles and customer service, then it shouldn’t matter which stylist clients chose.

More importantly clients would have more freedom as to when they received their service. They could get an appointment at a time that worked best for them instead of working around their stylist’s schedule or worrying about a change in service if they visited a different stylist. This is what we call trUe’s team concept, and it’s kept clients happy for as long as we’ve been opened.

trUe's team conceptConsistency and convenience are the foundation of trUe’s team concept. Every stylist receives the same extensive, in-house training and continuous education year after year. Instead of paying stylists a commission, which is the way most other salons operate, trUe’s stylists are rewarded through customer retention and satisfaction. This means all level of trUe stylists, from the American Board Certified colorists to senior hair stylists and designers work together before a client walks in the door.

They review client notes together, ensuring that everyone receives the same personal experience and service they expect, and at their convenience, regardless of the stylist taking care of them. As a result, trUe has had some loyal clients for more than 30 years, compared to the national average where customers tend to stay with their stylists for about five years. Some clients may even use a different trUe stylist after a few years, while some use three or four different ones each visit depending on their needed service.

We know working with a stylist is a personal matter, and as a client we’re happy to know you trust that trUe’s team concept works for you. So if you know someone who’s grown tired of their stylist, please tell them about how you have an entire trUe team working together to make you look great and all at your convenience! When you refer, you receive! Find out about trUe’s referral program here.